How to Find a Job

How  to find a job
The best way to find a job is by following the steps below (in our opinion):
1) Go to a job board (like of course - shameless plug but it just had to be done!),  and search for a job and apply.
2) Find a recruitment consultant and call them every week (or every fortnight, don't leave calling them for months they will forget you!).
3) Go to every networking event in town and follow up like mad to get that next role.
4) Ask your parents/ extended family for a job/ referral where they work.
The last one is just too easy (and for some probably the best route to success), but most of us in the real world have to make do with the top 3. 
Here's some quick steps to using all of 1), 2) and 3) correctly.
1) Go to your job board (we would love it if you use ours, but our friends on the internet are also great and I cannot fault them!) and make a note of average salaries across your job role/ an industry you like.  Note the recruitment consultants' details you like and investigate and explore their websites to see if they are the right fit for you.
2) Find a job you like on the said recruitment consultants' websites and call/ email for further information, and enquire if you are suitable to apply for that job.  Most consultants are simply too busy (and may not particularly like these types of calls as it may have been the 10th call about that job that day). Generally they will say to apply for the job if you are suitable on the job board you searched for it on, nevertheless don't give up and try the next consultant if this fails.
If this doesn't work, find companies you like by Google searching them and applying directly via their online application form/ send in your CV and cover letter (be wary this can be extremely competitive and highly demotivating).  Otherwise send speculative applications that are also tailored for the role you are looking for to them if they do not have any vacancies that are suitable for you.
Another way of finding companies without using Google is to do it the old fashioned way; go to the areas you want to work in and have a notepad and pen ready.  Go just outside each office reception and note the companies' names down, then when you get home, check all those companies' websites out and see if they have any openings (or check on your smartphone whilst your outside).  This is ideal if you want to work in tech (just go to Silicon Roundabout and Shoreditch) or if you want to work in  finance and IT then traverse the City of London and Canary Wharf areas.  All sectors have their respective clusters and you just need to figure out where they are located (we can tell you that information here, please do ask). 
3) Network, network and more network.  Most people do not like these networking events (it can be intimidating
with all these new people in the room) but it's very interesting to see what people have achieved in their life with different circumstances to yourselves.  Also you never know who you may meet, lots of people in these events may not be able to help you, but it's not good practice to see it this way.  It's better to look at every conversation as a potential connection in 1 - 5 years down the line.  There are the lucky ones that are actually offered a job or interview at these sorts of events, but you will only ever know if you attend one. 

Good luck and remember to comment below and share with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn.
We know we have only scratched the surface of how to find a job, but hopefully this will give you extra motivation to get out there and get what you want and deserve.
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