Londoners in the Midst of a Heatwave

So it's official, London is officially in the midst of a heatwave.


BBC News reports it's the hottest day ever recorded in July at 36.7 degrees Celsius just missing the 100 degree Fahrenheit mark.


How can we as Londoners prepare for this and enjoy it whilst we go about our daily work?


First thing, avoid the tube where possible, especially the Central Line which positively swelters during the Summer.  I don't know what it is about the deeper tunnels but they just exude the worst kind of heat.  It's maybe a good time to figure out riding on your bicycle (if you have one that is and of course be safe and wear a helmet if you do ride, there have been too many accidents recently but generally I find most drivers are very courteous as long as you respect the Highway Code).  Or why not walk to work, sure it might take an hour but it will at least keep us fit and avoid those delays on the public transport that occur due to the heat.


Some basic advice, try and apply sunscreen and avoid the direct sunlight for extended periods and keep as adequately hydrated as possible.  It goes without saying the clothes you wear can keep you cool.  I find the Eastern countries, with the long, thin tunics and pyjamas have got it nailed in this respect, you can go about your work at 45 degrees Celsius and still be okay.  Best to consult your staff manual if you can wear such clothes, or ask your Boss I'm sure they will be understanding (maybe it can be dress down Friday everyday?).


After work a trip to the park would certainly help to cool down too, plus you get to see the geese and roses (if you're lucky!).


Let us know if you love, hate or just don't care if the weather is as hot as it is.


Take care :).



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