Reading a job advert before applying

Now you must be thinking, that's an odd title to a blog post.  I think it's a good one to cover because of today's events.


Hands up all of you who log into job boards and apply everywhere, especially with the "one touch application" that is currently being espoused on some prominent job boards.


I have just had some interesting discussions with a wonderful HR lady at a very successful startup company, who has just received several applications via LondonersJobs.  It seems the applicants that applied via LondonersJobs didn't read through the questions that needed to be answered within the application.  As a consequence, she had decided it was wise to delete all those jobs off of this site :(.


Whilst this is sad for LondonersJobs (because, i would have liked for others to apply for those jobs on here), it is more sad for you, the job seeker.  The reason being, those jobs weren't really being advertised elsewhere (or in places where most people would not be able to find them tbh), so it just means that there's one less real company for you to actually apply to.


So without further ado, here's my top 5 things you should do before applying to any job:

  1. Read the job spec fully (please no skim reading I know it can get very tedious, but there's some very useful information to be found in most job adverts that come from real companies that post directly).
  2. Review your CV and tailor it to the job, or the job type.
  3. Review your cover letter, does it answer the questions that are specifically being asked by the company (for example, they may ask "what is your biggest accomplishment in life", or "what would you be doing if you won the lottery").  If you don't answer these questions, it seems like you haven't read the job spec, so you are likely to be irritate the recruiter or HR representative, as they will either have to discard your application immediately, or send an email back to ask for that answer (they don't really want to send emails back and forth if I be honest and time is money).
  4. Have you shown the company how your skills are what they need to succeed, and drive their business forward.  Make them really feel like they are missing out by not hiring you, show them what are your "superpowers" as one company has recently posted consistently across all their job adverts.
  5. Bear in mind, most direct recruiters (especially startup companies), are very fond of new technologies.  As such, they will be using up and coming ATS (applicant tracking system) such as jobvite, greenhouse, etc, to assimilate all their job applications.  By applying via a job board, you are in effect bypassing their ATS, and it is extra work for their HR representative.  So please, please, answer their questions and provide a CV that they would go crazy for, and if you do apply via LondonersJobs or any job board, remember that we are an add on to their talent search service, and we are only as good as the applicants that use our services.

With that I bid you adieu, and I hope this was of use to all of you wonderful people.


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Thank you.


PS you're probably wandering why I keep saying the term "real company".  The reason I kept saying that, is because most job boards contain mainly job adverts from other recruitment consultants (or aggregate jobs via other job boards), so in effect, whatever you are usually applying for is a recruitment consultant advert in many cases.  



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