The Importance of Good Grammar and Spelling in a CV and Covering Letter

I thought I would start on a fairly easy (I hope) topic. How does one get past the “sifting phase” and get to speak directly to a direct employer/ recruitment consultant for the job they desire.

One of the main reasons why I felt compelled to start the blog with this topic is that several months ago, we tried to hire some members of staff for our company, only to be shown CV’s that had spelling, grammar and formatting issues (bar one).

To rub salt further in my wounds, candidates who appeared promising, and were sent an email for a telephone interview and a simple request made for times of availability would often reply back with one liners (via email): "I will be free anytime for an interview". Some would reply more curt than this, and were quite simply immediately rejected.

Out of all the replies only one person (out of 30 potentials) actually bothered to reply to a telephone call (when candidates were called, voicemails were left but not returned).

Why does this sound so negative! I think most people don’t have the above issues with their CV’s but I would like to re-iterate that please ensure that you always get someone else who hasn't helped prepare your CV and covering letter to review it. And with regard to all correspondence (emails or otherwise) from direct employers and recruiters, please remember your email and telephone etiquette as any shortcomings here will immediately remove you from any interview hopes (simple things like not signing off properly with a "Thank you" or "Kind regards" will indicate you are not serious about the job).

If you would like us to review your CV for free or if you have any questions at all, please let us know.

If you have any comments please leave them beneath.

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